While the temporomandibular joint is located in the facial and neck area, TMJ disorders also can affect the back. Doing TMJ exercises  can really help alleviate the pain experienced with TMJ. The exercises range from jaw exercises to neck exercises. However, it’s also important to note that while you are addressing the TMJ bone specifically, the back can get neglected. Given the fact that poor posture contributes highly to TMJ disorders, it is ideal that you address all pain experiencing areas and not just the jaw, neck and shoulders. For this reason, a TMJ specialist can recommend for you to do some back stretching exercises in addition to other treatments.

Back Stretching Exercises

Here are some various back stretching exercises that could come in handy in relieving the back pain that comes with TMJ disorder. These are also great for the lower back area.

    • Leg Lifts: This is great exercise and one that comes in handy when you are suffering from low back pain. To begin this back exercise, you need to lie flat on your back. Slowly and steadily lift both legs up without pulling your back up. Lift the legs until they can no longer come up and gradually take them down. The exercise helps relieve the pressure on your lower back and also helps with balance.

    • Ballet Position: Another exercise you can do is the tip toe exercise. This is going to make you feel like a ballerina, but is actually very good at stretching your back muscles. Lift your body up and stand on your toes for a few seconds. Inhale as you rise up and exhale as you go back to the normal position. Make sure that your neck and head are aligned as you perform this stretch.

    • Touch Your Toes: One of the best ways to stretch your lower back is to touch your toes. This back stretching exercise is very easy to do and requires you bend over and touch your toes with your fingers before coming back up. Repeat this exercise several times.

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Exercise Tips

When performing your back stretching exercises, the following tips will come in handy

Back Stetching

    • Address the core pain area. You cannot simply ignore other areas of pain and exercise just one part.
    • All areas of interest should be exercised and this includes the neck, head, shoulders and back.
    • Another thing you want to consider is the amount of time you put into your exercises. Ensure that you exercise daily and do so for about 10 to 15 minutes if want to see results.
    • Be easy on yourself by gently gliding your body while exercising, the last thing you want to do is add more injury to your back or TMJ area.
    • Last but not least ensure that you have your doctors go ahead before you begin any exercise.

Back stretching exercises are great at relieving chronic low back pain and should be done along with other TMJ exercises.



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