Did you know that poor dental habits could be the cause of your TMJ condition? Myofacial pain disorder is one of the most common conditions associated with TMJ problems and one that can be identified by ear aches, dull pains that stem from behind your ear and go all the way to the back of your head, jaw and neck areas. What most people don’t know is that simple acts such as how you chew, talk, yawn or even brush your teeth could bring about these symptoms. It therefore helps to ensure that you have good oral habits to begin with.

Oral Health

For most people, oral health is simply brushing teeth twice a day. While this is just one of the steps to achieving clean teeth, it doesn’t stop there. Our diet also plays a crucial role in our dental hygiene.

Good Oral HealthWhen it comes to food, there are certain foods that are good for your teeth and others that are bad for them. Foods rich in phosphorous and calcium are good for the teeth because they protect the enamel and add the required minerals to your enamel. Nuts, meats and milk products such as cheese are very good foods for teeth. Fruits are also ideal since they have a lot of water which is good for the teeth. Fruits also stimulate saliva in the teeth and this in effect reduces chances of tooth decay and buffers the acids in the foods we eat. When it comes to beverages, it goes without saying that water is not only good for hydration but oral health as well. Caffeinated drinks taint the teeth and also contain sugar which is not good for your teeth. The same goes for drinks that contain artificial sweeteners such as sodas and processed juices. The best drinks for your teeth are milk, yogurt and natural unsweetened juices.

Bad Dental Habits

As mentioned earlier, we have very many bad oral habits. These habits can lead to situations that can lead to grinding teeth and therefore cause a lot of damage for your teeth. Below are some habits to steer clear of:

Constant crunching: Crunching ice is a habit that many people have. Since we assume that it is frozen water we see no harm that can result from it. However it can have adverse effects on your teeth such as cracked enamels and increase your likelihood of developing cavities. Of course crashed ice is better than ice cubes since the latter has bigger chunks. Developing a crunching or habit could also lead to gnashing teeth as the sensation to do so is stimulated.

Tough Brushing: In a bid to clean teeth properly, people often exert too much pressure into the process. The harder you brush your teeth, the more you wear out your protective enamel and this could lead to weak teeth.

Grinding Teeth: This is a condition that is often brought about by anxiety and one that affects your oral health. It is recommended that you seek professional help in order to find other avenues to get rid of your anxiety.

Oral hygiene is not something you can afford to compromise on since your oral health contributes to your entire well being as well.

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